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Members and sponsors of The Seeds of Change Society are women helping mothers and children in crisis achieve self-sufficiency and create a bright future for their children.

For information on membership and sponsorship, please e-mail the Development Associate.


2017 Sponsors

Gold Sponsor

Order of Saint Lazarus

Silver Sponsors

Beth and Andy Abernathy
Susan B. Bozeman
Jamie Brownlee
Rebecca Clements
Shirley C. Davis
Angie Hoyt
The Mabrey Firm P.C.
Diane Moffett, Chair

Bronze Sponsors

Laurie Coleman
Valerie Easterling

Melba Wynn Hill
Linda Outlaw
Chelle Pope

Christy Roberts
Ann Strader
Jean Underwood

2016 Members

Anita Adams
Debbie Austin
Janie Barker
Donna G. Barwick
Donna Baumstark
Ellen Beard
Kaki Behr
Charlotte Beltrami
June Bishop
Sandra Blalock
Ruthanna Bost
Susan Bozeman
Elizabeth Bresnahan
Cindra Brown
Tammie Brown
Lesley Carroll
Rosalie North Castleberry
Angela Chandler
Sidney Childress
Jill Clark
Rebecca Clements
Amanda Coleman
Laurie Coleman
Carla Corley
Elizabeth Crawford
Alison Creagh
Robin Croft
Anne Cross
Meredith Daniel
Kristin Davis
Sheilah  Davis
Wyman Davis
Kappy deButts
Cantey Deeter
Meryl Dilcher
Kate Dolan
Amy Douglass
Elise Drake
Nan Easterlin
Lee Egan
Kathleen Eidson
Mary Elrod
Angi Evert
Pam Fellows
Caroline Robinson Fleming
Honour Fleming
Helen M. French
Nella Gatewood
Anne F. Gee
Judy Ginn
Freddy Goldenberg
Louise Gracey
Ginger Greene
Karen Kelley Grosvenor
Beverly Gwynn
Elizabeth Hagood
Rev. Mace Hall
Linda Harris
Mary Jane Harris

Pamela Hayes
Jennifer Hays
Denise Hendrix
Lori Heys
Diane Hiles
Stephanie Holby
Kimberly Holland
Shannon Jaynes
Ginger Jeffries
Elinor Jones
Ellen Jones
Jane Jones
Vivian Jones
Jennifer Kahn
Perrin Kibler
Mary Kay Kilgore
Susan Kimmey
Amy Kistulinec
Winifred Klein
Kristen Light
Sandy Linginfelter
Valerie Love
Ann Lukens
Mary Ann Lyon
Carla Mabrey
Marie Macadam
Nancy MacDonald
Connie MacKenzie
Rena Marroquin
Courtney Martin
Karen Martin
Suzanne Masters
Nancy Mathews
Lori Mayfield
Yancey McCollam
Peggy McCurry
Joanna McDonald
Georgeann McGrew
Kay McMaster
Nancy McWilliams
Diane Moffett
Wendy Moore
Glenda Moreland
Gina Morris
Joy Neal
Marian NeSmith
Julia Newsom
Susan O’Farrell
Gail Ostermann
Julie Ostrowski
Carolyn Patterson
Marianna R. Patterson
Nancy Patterson
Martha Peake

Elizabeth Poindexter
Rhonda Ponder
Janet Quirk
Carol Raeber
Nancy Rafuse
Karen Richardson
Christy Roberts
Catherine Rollins
Susan Roush
Tracy Ryan
Renee Schwarzkopf
Amanda Scoles
Margot Shuford
Rene Smith
Mary Kelly Speed
Catherine Spillman
Rosie Stokes
Ann Strader
Jylla Moore Tearte, PhD
Christine Testani
Jennifer Diversi Thompson
Stacey M. Triesch
Jean Underwood
Ellen Ungashick
Lisa Wargo
Laura Warren
Susan Warren
Margaret Wasson
Linda Wessels
Henny Whelchel
Betsy Williams
Marion Williams
Virginia Williams
Angela Williamson
Heather Wilson
Angela Withington
Victoria Wolle
Jennifer Wood
Elise Wren
Bright Wright
Stephanie Yates

2016 Host Committee

Beth Abernathy
Elizabeth Bresnahan
Jamie Brownlee
Rebecca Clements
Laurie Coleman
Carla Corley
Kristin Davis
Shirley Davis, Chair

Nan Easterlin
Lori Heys
Melba Wynn Hill
Rena Marroquin
Diane Moffett
Marian NeSmith
Julie Ostrowski

Janet Quirk
Christy Roberts
Margot Shuford
Rosie Stokes
Laura Warren
Betsy Williams
Marion Williams
Stephanie Yates


Who you Help

With 34% of female-headed households living in poverty, too many mothers are unable to break the cycle of poverty, and therefore, their children are more likely to have poor health, drop out of school, and be unemployed as adults.

As a Seed, you will help low-income mothers regain their confidence, become strong role models for their children, and achieve a lifetime of financial security.

Benefits of Sponsorship/Membership

Members donate $500 or more annually, and sponsorships begin at $1,500. Members are invited to be involved in other ways, but there are no minimum service requirements to join.

Sponsors and members receive recognition of their support, tickets to our member luncheon, invitations to Seeds events, access to special volunteer opportunities throughout the year, recognition in our annual report, and they receive insider updates on the families they are affecting. For more information, or to join Click Here.