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Each day, Buckhead Christian Ministry (BCM) intervenes in the lives of individuals and families in crisis to provide them with basic needs, such as food, clothing, hygiene kits, and financial assistance. Through our longer-term programs, BCM also provides supportive housing, financial education, debt remediation, and savings matches.

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We keep people from becoming homeless and work to elevate their possibilities for economic empowerment.


We envision caring communities where everyone has a home and the opportunity to thrive.

Our History

In 1987, local-area churches recognized the need for provision of coordinated, professional emergency assistance for Atlantans experiencing financial crises. To address this need, they united and formed BCM, which launched the C. Spencer Godfrey Food Pantry and Buckhead THRIFTique to provide food and clothing to its clients.

As the organization grew, it became evident that, for many, financial stability warranted a continuum of services. This prompted the development of the Transitional Housing Program, later renamed Foundation 3. The program helped homeless families transition into permanent housing by paying rent and utilities for up to 18 months, coupled with weekly career-based education and employment case management services.

In 2005, BCM launched Budget for Life™, which began under the name of The 70/30 Project. Budget for Life™ provides a comprehensive package consisting of financial assistance, a savings match, case management, and money management education for low-income workers at risk of eviction. Today, BCM is supported by more than 30 churches, more than 600 volunteers, and diverse community and corporate partners.

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Dear BCM Community:

As a faith-based organization that acts upon our shared belief that God loves us all equally, we must stay consistent with our values. We need hope, unity, and affirmation that we are all created equal by God.

Right now, BCM's Black staff, clients, colleagues, donors, board members, and Black church partners are asking whether their lives matter.

For BCM, Black lives matter. Our Black friends need us to stand up with them and support those words.

It is that simple.

In Solidarity,

Keeva Kase
President & CEO

The helpline is now on-line. Please click the button below to learn how to submit an on-line application for financial assistance.

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