Each year, BCM impacts the lives of more than 8,000 people. On April 12, 2016, over 100 BCM supporters and volunteers gathered at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church to celebrate the people who volunteer their time to make this possible.

2016 Distinguished Volunteers

20 Years of Service

Joanne Joiner

15 Years of Service

Brown Kitchens
Mina Ferguson
Genie Goode
Mercedes Mondecar

10 Years of Service

Linda Brown
Betty Camp
Anne Gee
Martha Harden
Mary Janet Harden
Juanita Hitchens
Andrea Howells
Clyde Kennedy
Amanda King
Mary Ann Lyon
Elise Macintyre
John McCollum
Helen McLeskey
Julie Ostrowski
Charlotte Patton
Jill Rosenthal
Bente Sommers
Leonard Wagner
Dianna Williams-Patel

5 Years of Service

Elizabeth Abernathy
Charlotte Beltrami
Bonnie Copeland
Kim Cumbie
Carl Drake
Maryl Dlicher
Frances Dowling
Angela Hoyt
Judy Lambert
Beverly Markle
Robert McClelland
Craig Mullins

1 Year of Service

Judith Brook
Leanne Burke
Barbara Chandler
Cassidy Collins
Scott Dickinson
Betsy Duffey
Jenny Hsu
Juliann Hunter
Barbara Kaines
Evelyn Kemp
William Kennedy
Mary Ellen Moseley
Ann Murphy
Bonnie Sharp
Lee Smalley
Rosie Stokes
Susan Nicholson
Katherine Welch
Henny Whelchel
Mark Wilbanks
Anneke Woodward

Retiring Trustees

Rebecca Clements
Wieuca Road Baptist Church

Angie Hoyt
Northside United Methodist Church

Craig Mullins
Cathedral of Christ the King

Lee Pritichard
Northside United Methodist Church

Stacey Turner
Trinity Presbyterian Church 

Barbara Waters
Cathedral of St. Philip