Budget for Life

Budget for Life is a unique, homelessness prevention program that helps low-income workers avoid eviction and regain financial stability. Unlike any other programs, Budget for Life prevents homelessness by intervening before families lose their homes, and provides those families with long-term strategies and education to avoid similar situations in the future.

Participants selected for Budget for Life participate in weekly case management meetings with a staff social worker, attend a biweekly Money Management class, and work with volunteer financial coach to establish a household budget. While enrolled, participants receive graduated assistance towards their rent and utilities for six months, provided that they pay the same amount or more each month towards debt reduction or savings. Participants are then eligible for a dollar-for-dollar savings match, up to $500, if they continue saving for six months after completing the program.

Money Management Course

BCM’s Money Management program is an important component of Budget for Life. This 22-week educational program helps families develop skills and learn strategies for managing their household finances. In addition to learning in a classroom setting, each family works one-on-one with a volunteer coach to put the lessons into practice and establish a household budget.