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In the fall of 2018, Buckhead Christian Ministry learned that long-time residents of the historically-affordable Darlington Apartments, located less than three miles from BCM’s office, were being evicted. Having recently transitioned to paperless technology, BCM’s staff showed up to the apartment complex with computers and compassion. Read more about the displacement and BCM’s response here.

Buckheads Darlington Apartments Displacement Impacts Tenant Aid Non-Profits


Fulton courts aren’t acting on evictions — for now

Fulton County to dole out $10 million to help seniors, homeless and small businesses

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Doing Good Money Management Program Helps Families Find Financial Stability

Clothing and Accessories

THRIFTique reopens


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Dear BCM Community:

As a faith-based organization that acts upon our shared belief that God loves us all equally, we must stay consistent with our values. We need hope, unity, and affirmation that we are all created equal by God.

Right now, BCM's Black staff, clients, colleagues, donors, board members, and Black church partners are asking whether their lives matter.

For BCM, Black lives matter. Our Black friends need us to stand up with them and support those words.

It is that simple.

In Solidarity,

Keeva Kase
President & CEO

The helpline is now on-line. Please click the button below to learn how to submit an on-line application for financial assistance.

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