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Application for Assistance

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    Eligibility Criteria for Rent, Mortgage, or Utility Assistance

    Currently, BCM is accepting online applications for financial assistance for all of Georgia residents. If unable to sign up for a financial appointment, contact United Way 2-1-1 and request an updated list of agencies that may be able to assist.

    To be considered to receive financial assistance for rent, mortgage, or utilities an application must be completed, submitted, and eligibility must be determined by a BCM representative.

    Household Eligibility Criteria

    A household is eligible to receive financial assistance once a year and two times in five years and:
    • Must have a current signed lease or mortgage in your name AND lived at the address AND paid 3 full months of rent or mortgage.
    • Must have an emergency.
    • Must be employed OR have been employed within the past 12 months.
    • Must have proof of employment.
    • Must have proof of emergency.

    Required Application Documents

    Please collect the following documents. These documents will be uploaded/attached to a designated area on the application.

    The applicant must attach:

    • A current photo ID for all adult household members
    • Current proof of residency (a signed lease, mortgage statement) Must be in applicant’s name
    • Recent utility bill (gas, electric or water) Must be in applicant’s name
    • Current proof of income (all that apply):
      • Separation letter for a job loss
      • Wage Report from Department of Labor
      • Current Check stubs (at least 3 to 4 check stubs)
      • Copy of Bank statement
      • If self-employed or paid cash:
        • Submit one of the following tax documentations:
          • 1099 Form
          • W-2
          • Income Tax Returns
        • AND submit one of the following business documentations:
          • Receipt Book
          • Bank Statement
          • Canceled Checks
          • Invoices for services rendered
    • Documentation the clarifies the emergency. For example:
      • Pay stubs that indicate a decrease in hours and pay by $100
      • Separation Notice from employer
      • Bank Statement that shows direct deposits
      • Medical expenses, receipts that indicate PAID for medical expenses
      • Natural disaster, pandemic, house fire, etc.

    Submitting Your Application

    1. Review and ensure you meet the Eligibility Criteria for a financial appointment.
    2. Ensure you have all of the Required Application Documents ready to upload/attach to the application.
    3. Select a date and then a time from the application below. Sometimes there will be no available time slots; please check back often as new appointment times are added regularly.
    4. Complete the application and upload/attach the Required Application Documents.
    5. Review the terms and conditions
    6. Click submit. You will receive an email at the address provided in the application about your PENDING appointment. Check your spam folder if you do not receive a notification in your inbox.
    7. Please note that more than one person can select the same appointment. The first one to complete the form will be able to submit for that appointment while the other’s submission will fail. Return to the calendar to choose another available appointment.
    8. A BCM Representative will call you to review your application and documents, usually within 24 hours, except on Fridays a call back will be Monday to determine eligibility for appointment to meet with a case manager. The only way to meet with a case manager is your PENDING appointment must be CONFIRMED by the BCM representative. DO NOT expect to meet with a BCM Case Manager if the appointment date and time is not confirmed by BCM Representative.
    9. If the BCM Representative determines you are eligible, you will receive an email CONFIRMING your appointment with a BCM Case Manager. Check your spam folder if you do not receive a notification in your inbox.
  • Please select a highlighted day and then choose an available appointment. Appointments are limited but new ones are added regularly.

    March 2021