“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” – Rudyard Kipling

This past Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day, a holiday that has always been near and dear to our hearts at Buckhead Christian Ministry.

So many of the clients we serve are single mothers, working hard to provide for their families. The number of female-headed households is at a record high, and they often struggle to make ends meet.

These moms frequently work multiple jobs and wear many different hats. They are committed to their family’s success, but juggling childcare, transportation, their jobs, and more all on one income can make the situation precarious. A major illness, a car accident or a job loss can be catastrophic for single mother, sending her family’s finances into a downward spiral.

At BCM, we help mothers like Jackie, who successfully paid off $10,000 in debt through our financial education programs. We help moms like Jaylyn, who was facing homelessness because of the financial strain of providing for a child with a serious neurological disorder that requires the use a wheelchair.

We lift up families by offering the guidance and the tools to enable moms to become financially self-sufficient. We endeavor to equip women to be the best parents they can be and to serve as positive role models for their children.

It’s no small task, but it’s one that we take seriously. Whether we’re offering emergency assistance to a client who can’t pay her rent, providing food from the C. Spencer Godfrey Food Pantry or giving free clothing from Buckhead THRIFTique, we’re focused on providing a helping hand to Atlanta mothers facing crisis situations. At the same time, we offer the tools to empower women to break the cycle of poverty.

You’re never too old to appreciate the precious gifts you’ve received from your mother. And, there’s no time like the present to honor the mothers in your own life. We think every day should be Mother’s Day!

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