This current expansion at THRIFTique is so exciting and something we’re all looking forward to, now that it nears completion. Shoppers are excited to hear we will be able to offer more furniture, decorative items, appliances, books, and electronics. The future looks bright for Buckhead THRIFTique, my very favorite place to volunteer!

Meryl Dilcher THRIFTique Volunteer

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to arrive at THRIFTique and meet and greet someone who desires my assistance or opinion on their selections. I always leave knowing that another satisfied customer has come and gone!

Evelyn Kemp Volunteer

Buckhead Christian Ministry is there for those who need emergency assistance in the worst of times and for others who want to become self-sufficient for life through our Budget for Life™ and Foundation 3 programs. It is wonderful to be a part of a life-changing ministry!

Shirley Davis Board Chair

The Budget for Life™ graduation celebrates how a community can come together to share life experiences, help each other grow, and develop financial skills that can change the future of families’ financial wealth.

Michelle Ramirez Director of Financial Education

Buckhead Christian Ministry has helped me to get my life back on track. The staff, instructors, and volunteers were very helpful and gave me the support I needed to learn how to budget and save. Although it was a challenge when I first started the program, throughout the months, it became easier. All I can say is thank you.

Budget for Life Graduate a Budget for Life™ Graduate

THANK YOU for your prompt assistance during my time of need. Words can’t express how much the rental assistance program helped my children and I. May God continue to bless you, the organization, and the people that contribute to you and the success of the business.

Emergency Assistance Client from an Emergency Assistance Client to their Case Manager

We all fall down sometimes due to various circumstances, but as long as we keep striving to get back up…there will be better days ahead. You all have helped me get back up.

Emergency Assistance Client an Emergency Assistance Client


Dear BCM Community:

In response to the COVID-19/Coronavirus public health emergency, until further notice, all case management, emergency financial appointments, and education will take place virtually. The helpline will continue to operate. Budget for Life and Foundation 3 clients should work directly with their case managers on arranging virtual meetups.

In an abundance of caution and in keeping with CDC guidance, BCM will close both facilities during this time. This includes the food pantry. THRIFTique will also be closed for business and clothing certificates. Pantry and thrift donations will not be accepted during this time. Please call United Way at 211 for an updated list for food and clothing assistance.

How can you help BCM help our clients? We are requesting significant financial assistance so that we will be prepared for the coming months when out-of-work wage earners will be at most risk for evictions and homelessness. This is a time when we need to come together to support those most at risk. Click below to donate now.

Thank you,

Keeva Kase
President & CEO



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